Quick Start Instructions

Welcome to SmartLink Web!


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To access SmartLink Web, type in your USER ID and PASSWORD that was provided by the Wedbush Morgan IT dept. Click "Login" when done.

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If you have logged in correctly, you will get the SmartLink Web start screen.  Click on the appropriate menu choice from the blue menu bar that is on the left side of this screen.  (i.e. click "Quotes" to expand the menu for more services.)

You can also get quick quotes or news about a stock by typing in a stock symbol in the box under "Quick Info" and clicking either the "Quotes" or "News" button.

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At the drop down menu, choose the appropriate selection.  

(i.e. click "quotes" to get the "Delayed Quotes" screen and enter a symbol in the box next to "Enter Symbol".   Click "Get Quote" to retrieve a quote on that symbol.)

You can also access the "Option Chain", "Option Quote", "Equity Indices", and the "Symbol Guide" from the "Quotes" menu option.

The few next screen shots will show some of the other menu choices in SmartLink Web.

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Historical Chart Screen

(Click "Charts", then "Historical" from the menu bar)

You can also access "Intraday", "Price Change", and "Metastock" charts under the "Charts" menu option.

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Headline News Screen

(Click "News", the "Headline News" from the menu bar.)

You can also access "OTC News" and "Calender" under the "News" menu option.

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Snapshot Screen

(Click "Market Watch", then "Snapshot" from the menu bar.)

You can also access "Currency" and "Market Stats" screens under the "Market Watch" menu option.

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Hot Stocks Screen

(Click "Research", then "Hot Stocks" from the menu bar.)

You can also access "WMS Research", "Profile", and the "Financial Sites" links page under the "Research" menu option.

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To access the Wedbush Morgan Account Retrieval system, click "Accounts", then "Login" on the menu bar to get the log on screen.   Type in the User Name that was provided and press the "enter" key.

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Click the "Display" button to get the Beta Systems screen.  You should know what to do from here.  The "pause" key clears the screen and the "ctrl - r" resets the screen.

*Please refer to the BETA Quick Reference Guide for help with BETA functions or the BETA Sign On Help for  help with BETA sign on.

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To get help, click "Email".  Click "Tech Support" to send email to the IT Help Desk or "Correspondent Services" to send email to correspondent services.