BETA Quick Reference Guide

  Ex. 12345678= Acct #, R-AB01= Repcode  
VALU VALU Acct# Combined account position listing and money balances-real time
CLED CLED Acct# Account activity(12 months) and money balances
AHIS AHIS Acct# Account activity(12 months) that can be viewed by securities or type of transaction
HOLD HOLD Actt # Client holding records
HOLD HOLD Acct #(ENTER); F4 for closed screen Net Profits/losses on closed positions
HOLD HOLD Acct #(ENTER); F4 for closed screen YRXX in FUNC field Closed positions for specified year
HOLD HOLD Acct #(ENTER); F4 for closed screen Symbol in SEC field Securities cross-reference
PVAL/PORT PVAL Acct #; To review: PORT Acct# CASH or REAL in FUNC field Request/review porfolio valuations CASH--Cash flow schedule; REAL--Realized gains/losses
INFO INFO Acct# Current month and YTD dividends and interest
INFO INFO Acct# (ENTER); COMM in FUNC field YTD commissions
IRAS IRAS Acct# IRA account data summary
IHIS IHIS Acct# IRA historical detail--last 3 years
TAXI TAXI Acct# Review current year’s 1099
SUMC SUMC Acct# Detail behind 1099
TAXI TAXI Acct# Last Year's 1099
YEAR YEAR Acct# Last Year's 1099 Detail Summary
SUMY SUMY Acct# Last Year's 1099 Totals of Detail Summary
LEAD LEAD Open new account or add a prospect file
NAME NAME Last--First Branch Customer Acct-file
DOCA DOCA Acct# Documents received or required for an account
SHIP SHIP Acct# Special handling and instructions for an account
SNAM SNAM N-Last Name Bring up account number using client’s last name
ASGN ASGN View option assignments
DONE DONE View executed day orders
OPRA OPRA View open orders
HARP HARP Historical rep performance
OCOM OCOM Acct# Commission calculation--single trade
ORCA ORCA Rep daily commission activity/detail
RCOM RCOM Commission calculation which nets out series of buys or sells
ROCO ROCO Review previous day's commissions
BMEN BMEN On-line "Systems Guide"
BOND BOND Bond Monroe calculator
MATY MATY Bond/option positions in maturity/expiration date order
MESS MESS Send message wires to other locations
MENU MENU Product/procedure information
POSI POSI S-Symbol or POSI C-CUSIP (ENTER) F2 to view in descending share qt order Security positions by I.E.
RACE RACE F2 to see backup detail Rep analysis of customer equity
RAFI RAFI Money available for investment for each customer
RAIN RAIN Transactions requiring rep or customer action
RANN RANN Reorg announcement file
SALE SALE;Insert product type & WEDB in IVAN Inventory for sale
SEED SEED S-Symbol 3-year dividend history for stocks
TDMA TDMA Symbol Closing price history for last 6 months
    Additional Information Function Codes
Note:   There are two function code locations; make sure the code is entered in the correction location
B _ to move backward within an account
D __ to access the Pending Dividends file. Press ENTER again to return to the summary or detail screen.
F __ to move forward within an account
L __ indicates the end of an account is displayed on the screen (computer generated)
* __ to display the most-recently entered market price and security number of each item.
    Re-enter the * to return to the previous screen.
% __ to display settlement date for unsettled transactions. Re-enter the % to return to the previous
? __ indicates improper code was entered (computer generated)
__ D to access the detail section of the account
__ M to access the margin account
__ S to access the Open Item Summary of the account
__ Z to access the Pending Maturity file. Clear the screen and re-enter CLED and the account
    number to return to the summary or detail screen.
G T to access specific date of activity. Type month, date (MMDD) over account # (erase end
    field). Press ENTER. Clear the screen and re-enter CLED and the account number to
    return to summary or detail screen.
__ Y to page through client accounts that had activity the previous day
__ - to obtain all activity by security in client's account, access client account through CLED then
    type one of the following over the client's account number and press ENTER:
    N-(seven-digit security number) C-(nine-digit CUSIP number)
__ P to print the Open Item Summary
__ I to print the Open Item Summary with security numbers in the PRICE/SOURCE field
__ 1 to print a month's detail - (type the month's number for Jan-Sept; A, B, C for Oct-Dec)
    The local print key may also be used to print one screen at a time.
A __ to access the Name and Address file (NAME)
C __ to access the Holding Records file (HOLD)
H __ to access the Special Handling file (SPHD)
S __ to access the IRA file (IRAS)
U __ to access the Account Valuation file (VALU)
V __ to access the Violation file (VIOL)

Last Updated on 5/22/2000
By Danny Bui