Beta Sign On Help

beta1.jpg (19012 bytes) At the Wedbush Morgan Account Retrieval screen, type in your User Name and Password and press enter.
beta2.jpg (15097 bytes) If you logged in correctly, you will get this screen.  Press the "Display" button to enter a BETA session.
beta3.jpg (25112 bytes) When you receive the BETA session screen, type "P3CICS" at the "Enter Application Request" field and press enter.
beta4.jpg (29185 bytes) Press the "Pause/Break" key (clear) on your keyboard to clear the Welcome to Beta Systems screen.
beta5.jpg (22480 bytes) When the screen has cleared, type "pass on" and press enter.
beta6.jpg (22132 bytes) Type in your Access Number and Password that was provided and press enter.
beta7.jpg (24497 bytes) If you've entered the Access Number and Password correctly, you will receive the Welcome to the Beta System... screen. 

Press the "Pause/Break" key on your keyboard to clear the screen.

Congratulations!!  You are now inside BETA System.

beta8.jpg (21159 bytes) When you are finished with BETA System, clear your screen by pressing the "Pause/Break" key and type "pass off".
beta9.jpg (24703 bytes) If you have "passed off" correctly, you will get the "Good Bye..." screen.  Click on "Session" on the menu bar, then "Exit"  or click on the "X" button on the top right hand corner of the session window to close the Beta Session.

Trouble Shooting

"Session Not Granted - Maximum allowed limit has been reached" You will receive this error when you already have a BETA session online or someone else is logged on to a BETA session with your log on information.

Please check to see that you only have one BETA session open.  If you do, please call the Help Desk (213-688-4357) to reset your session.

For other BETA errors, please refer to the BETA Errors Guide.


"My BETA session seems to be frozen" or "Nothing seems to happen and when I press a key, nothing happens"


Reset your BETA session by pressing "Ctrl" and "R" keys. (While holding down the CRTL key press R)

"Now that I'm in a BETA session, what do I do?" or "What do I need to type to get my accounts?"


Refer to the BETA Quick Reference Guide for the basics or call your correspondent liasion to receive more information