Wedbush Morgan Account Retrieval System Messages
This is a list of messages that may be displayed when using the Wedbush Morgan Account Retrieval System.

Lost connection. Session will end

Your connection to Wedbush Morgan Account Retrieval System was lost, therefore your session has ended. You should attempt to re-connect.

Session disconnected by Server

The Wedbush Morgan Account Retrieval System administrator has manually disconnected you from the server.   Please call the Wedbush Morgan Help Desk.

Session not granted. Maximum allowed limit was reached

You have reached the maximum number of sessions allowed to you. You will receive this message:

1) You already have a session in progress.  You are only allowed one session.  If you are sure that you have no other sessions running, please call the Help Desk to reset your session.

2) Someone else has used your logon to open a session.  Please call the Help Desk.

Communication with server has failed

The CGI virtual path specified in the HTML page is not valid. Please contact the Wedbush Morgan Help Desk to modify the HTML file or the Web server configuration.